Brazil Master Cleaners.

Commercial cleaning.

Allowing someone into your place of  office or other business when you’re not there requires a certain level of trust.

They tailor their commercial cleaning services to meet your complete needs, and you will have access to your custom cleaning plan at all times in case you ever want or need to request changes or adjustments

Brazil Master cleaners delivers personal and individualized cleaning plans for each of our clients’ spaces because the cleaning needs of one client are unique and unlike those of other clients. In fact, walks each space with every one of our clients to determine the best plan of action, including services, frequency, and customaries.

For peace in your mind:

1- Brazil Master Cleaners  has great references,
2- We are 5 stars on Google Review,
3- They are fully insured for your peace of mind. 


3 Simple Steps

1-  Get a  fair and  Fast  estimate, click on link bellow,

2-  We will quickly respond, send you the estimade price and days available.

3-  Once you approve the quote,  choose the most convenient day and time for your business. We will schedule  with one of  our reliable and specialized cleaners. 

4- So let’s get there on time.

We of Brazil Master cleaners understand that many business owners don’t have the time to schedule cleaning for their staff. Unfortunately, it’s a task that plays a large role in the success of your business and must be addressed.

We  can make your busy schedule a little bit lighter by taking cleaning off of your plate. We utilize the most effective cleaning practices with every service they provide to ensure your commercial space receives the care it deserves.

Quality Audit:

Quality Audit: The owner and manager Mrs. Erica Kirk, makes periodic and previously scheduled visits with customers during or after the cleaning service

 The owner and manager Mrs. Erica Kirk, makes periodic and previously scheduled visits with customers during or after the cleaning service  to check  the team work. and   maintains a personal relationship with each  client.

Our business model includes an extra helping of customer service with a keen and dedicated attention to detail. We take a conscientious and mindful approach to providing our services.

Our team wear uniform, budge and all PPE recomended by EPA.

We cleans thoroughly in hard to reach places, especially in bathrooms and kitchen . This is something our clients find other companies do not do.

We uses standard equipment and solutions to carry out all cleaning services and enlists the proper techniques and equipment for floor  and carpet.

 The entire Brasil Master cleaning team is trained, experienced and fully examined and approved.


1- Bathroom areas, including hard reaching areas,

2- Vacuum and mop all floors,

3- Clean and bleach toilet bowl,

5- Clean and bleach Sink, Faucet and countertop,

6- Wipe mirrors and glass fixtures,

7- Sink Cabinets (wiped down outside with a damp cloth),

8- Dust and wipe all reachable surfaces,

9- Dustbins (emptied / washed / bag replaced),

10- Dust ceiling fans, Internal spider webs and insects removed.


1-Appliances cleaning Clean Microwave, stove top, cabinets door, Clean and shine stainless exterior Oven, dishwasher, Refrigerator 

2-Clean, bleach disinfect and dry Sink, Faucet and countertop,

3-Wipe down and shine stainless steel Trash Compactor exterior,

4-Wipe down backsplash ,Dustbins (emptied / washed / bag replaced),

5-Vacuum and mop all floors

Commum areas:

1-  Floors (vacuumed and mopped with appropriate cleaning agents),

2- Dust Ceiling fans, Windows and blinds,

3- Wipe Internal  Doors Glass & Door Frames,

4- Dustbins (emptied , bag replaced),

5- Internal spider webs and insects removed,

6- Wipe, dust and vacum (if necessery) on All Chairs,

7- Dust Lobby Chairs, Doorknobs / Frames, Push / Pull Areas, Light Switches, Copiers and Printers, Public Counters, Drinking Fountains, Handrails, All Chairs, Desks, Workstations, Phones, Keyboards, Computer Mice, Cubicles, Door

Our reliable and specialized team.