We are the creators of Kirk Family Cleaning Method:
The Kirk Family Cleaning Method is a cleaning system based on a family cleaning process implemented by my mother, and has proven to be effective over the years, now perfected by me Mrs. Erica Kirk with in-depth study by the AHCA America House Cleaning Association.
It is a deep cleaning and disinfecting of the home or office without cutting corners. Our team of experienced staff will ensure that furniture or appliances are carefully moved to uncover and remove any hidden dirt and grime and will seamlessly place them back in its original position. The Kirk Family Cleaning Method always considers the maximum comfort for the customer. It takes into consideration their concerns and their valuable input while tailoring the most efficient and rigorous cleaning plan to suit their needs.
Our team utilizes tried and true techniques that through the use of proper equipment, methodologies and strict supervision, ensures a top quality result for our clients.